We have another great week of shows this week at Bluelight!!!


Singer/Songwriter Night

Benton Leachman


Our 2015 Fall Singer/Songwriter Competition is coming near.  Best way to prepare for the competition is to rub elbows with the many talented songwriters who frequent the weekly Songwriter nights every Monday.  Competition will start October 26th.  Sign ups are available via NewSlang!


American Aquarium

American Aquarium #3


Parker Morrow Band

Parker Morrow


Jacob Furr Band

Jacob Furr


Brandon Adams CD Release!!!

Brandon Adams 4

Or you could just get his CD by clicking here.


Grady Spencer & The Work w/ Johnny Hatcher



CASEY BERRY Sunday Sunday on Back Patio!!!!



We have another great week of shows next week at Bluelight!!!


Songwriter night

Songwriter nights

The 2015 Fall Bluelight Songwriter Competition is getting closer.  October 26th will be the first round of our competition.  Mark you calendars now.  If you want to enter as a competitor take a visit to see our friends over at NewSlang to get your name down.

The storied Blue Light Fall Singer-Songwriter Competition dates were announced this week. This year will work similarly to previous years.

Previous Blue Light Singer-Songwriter Competition winners include: Kenneth O’Meara,Casey Berry, Daniel Markham, Zac Wilkerson, Danny Cadra, Amanda Goebel, Erick Willis, Jacob Furr, and most recently, Jerry Serrano.

Here’s a quick run down on rules, guidelines, and important facts that you should know.

The BLFSSC will take place on four straight Mondays–three preliminary dates being Oct. 26, Nov. 02, Nov. 09–and the Finale on Monday Nov 16.

During those preliminary dates, 12 slots will be available for sign-up, along with five slots on a waitlist per night just in case one of those 12 can’t make it. From those 12 songwriters, three will advance to the Finale on Nov. 16 in which they will compete against those who moved on as well.

The ultimate winner, along with first runner-up and second runner-up will be chosen on Oct. 27. The prize package will be announced later this month.

As far songwriting rules go:

1. Each songwriter will be allowed two songs (Songs shouldn’t be longer than five minutes in length).
2. Each song must be an original. No covers.
3. Songwriters must provide copies of their lyrics for the judges prior to performance. If you do not bring advance copies, paper will be available.
4. Each songwriter must make their own arrangements with regards to instruments. (Bring a guitar, etc).
5. If and when you advance to the Finale, you will not need to perform again in the competition until the Finale.

You will be reminded along with a few further guides and instructions each night by Competition curator Benton Leachman.

Now, here’s the really important part, to sign up for the Fall Singer-Songwriter Competition, you will need to e-mail us at with the following information:

Cell Phone Number: 
Which Week You’d Like to Play:
Have You Participated In the BLSSC Before (Y/N):
T-Shirt Size:

Along with any questions, comments, etc. You will then receive a confirmation email shortly there after.

Additionally, we’d love to go ahead and get everyone familiar with our intentions of creating a listening room atmosphere for these specific dates. This is ultimately a songwriter competition which values the craft of lyrics, storytelling, vocals, mood, emotion, and feeling. That essentially means giving the one performing our absolute attention and observation. 

We’ll keep this page updated with how many open slots are currently available. Spots will be filling up fast, so don’t put off signing up.

You currently have roughly a month until the first Monday starts, which means, one excellent way to start preparing is to show up at Blue Light’s Singer-Songwriter Mondays for the next three weeks. It’s a cool, calm, and relaxed atmosphere in which you’ll be able to share your songs with other songwriters, musicians, and music appreciators in the area.




Hunter Hutchinson Band

Hunter Hutchinson


Parker McCollum

Parker McCollum


Dirty River Boys

Dirty River Boys 2


Thieving Birds

thieving birds 2