First And Foremost: A Word About Stage Volume

“If it sucks and you turn it up, it just sucks louder.”

The Blue Light Live has been hosting some of the finest musical acts in America for ten years, with an emphasis on original Texas music.  In ten years of listening, we can tell you unequivocally that the single best thing you can do to ensure a good sounding show is to manage your stage volume.

It never fails: the bands rolling in half-stacks and refrigerator-sized bass cabs almost never sound as good as the bands who carry in their lightweight amps.  Why is this?  Stage volume.

We hire live sound engineers from South Plains College, one of the nation’s premiere live sound programs.  Students of this program are trained to properly structure gain, eq, compression, reverb, delay, and volume to achieve the best possible live mix for the room.

When bands roll in with thirty thousand watts of pants-shittingly loud gear cranked up to 10, it undermines the engineer’s ability to correctly mix for the room.  The result?

Your show will be too loud to be enjoyable.

Remember: the right note at the wrong volume is the wrong note. We pride ourselves on sounding good, not sounding loud.  We hope you’ll do the same.


The Blue Light Live currently does not provide a backline.
Opening bands: it is your responsibility to make backline arrangements with the headliner, not ours. We can facilitate communication between you and the headliner if you do not already have a working relationship with them.


24′ x 10′  w/ 6′ x 2′ downstage center extension
8x grounded quads upstage, 3x downstage with extensions
Midas DL 32 digital stage box

Mapco and MLK analog stage snake


Plenty of short stands and boom stands to go around.  If you prefer your own, bring them.

Vocal Microphones

Shure Beta 58’s
Shure SM 58
SM 57’s

Sure Beta 87

Audix OM7

Audi OM2

Sennheiser e835

Audio-Technica ATA 2010

Instrument Microphones

Audix D4
Audix D6
Audix D2
Audix F10
Sennheiser e906

Shure SM57


Consoles: Midas M32
Mains: JBL AM7315/95 & AM7315/64
Subs: JBL STX 828s Duel 18 subwoofers

Signal Processors: BSS BLU-100 & BSS BLU-BOB2

All power provided by Crown and QSC Audio.


3 mixes downstage and 1 upstage with drum sub
12″ & 15″ JBL PRX400 (2x per mix) powered by (4) QSC PLX1204

QSC K12 movable 5th mix

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