If you are a singer/songwriter: just show up with your guitar (not your band) on Monday nights.  No booking required, though when you come in, you’ll want to write your name on The List.

If you are a local or developing artist: Tuesday and Wednesdays are your best bet.

If you are a regional or national artist: Thursday through Saturdays are for you.

If you drink as much whiskey as Will Green sings about, his band will look like this.

If you are metal, hiphop, or just plain weird: We try to keep the music centered around the Texas Country/Rock and Americana genres with a sprinkling of “nasty” Funk.  Unless you have a compelling reason for us to book avant-gard, hiphop, or hard rock/metal acts, we generally don’t do it.  “Because it’s something different” is not a compelling reason.

If you’re routing through Lubbock: We understand that touring is difficult work and the unexpected happens.  If you need a place to play on short notice, go ahead and give us a yell.  We’ll do our best to help you; can’t promise anything, though.

If all of this makes sense and you’d like to proceed: contact the Blue Light at blbooking@thebluelightlive.com or parkermorrow2@gmail.com.